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Graduate College Fellowships

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Welcome to the Illinois Computer Science Department homepage!

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The Graduate College. (1) Scholarships shall be limited to doctoral students in the Spanish Department in SLATE and such students must be full-time doctoral students at the UIUC for at least one academic year in order to be eligible for the Fellowship.

We will again host two Graduate Cohort Workshops in The CRA URMD Grad Cohort Workshop is designed specifically for underrepresented minorities in computing and persons with disabilities in graduate school in computing fields.

The CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop is designed for women students in their first, second, or third year of graduate school in computing fields. 5/ Congratulations to PEEC student Simon Pearish for being awarded a Grad College Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 5/ PEEC student Claire Baldeck received a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate College at UIUC.

The fellowship will support her as she finishes writing her dissertation during the next academic year. Graduate Forms Directory. Admissions Forms. Declaration and Certification of Finances (PDF) International Student Verification Form (PDF) Early Admissions Form (UIUC students only) (PDF) TOEFL Verification Form (PDF) Verification of English Dissertation Completion Fellowship Nomination Form (PDF) Dissertation Travel Grant Nomination Form.

The Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowships. Approximately one hundred and twenty () fellowships are available annually to allow students to devote full time to writing the dissertation with the goal that the dissertation will be completed during the tenure of the fellowship.

Uiuc grad college dissertation completion fellowship
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