Tissue wrapping paper

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Gift Wrapping with Tissue Paper Flowers

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Wrapping Paper

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Wrapping tissue

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Tissue paper had not been available in green, white, and red; but lengthier paper was plain early wrapping paper. Specialty tissue papers: These types of tissue papers are often high-end, decorative papers that are glazed, unglazed, or creped, and include wrapping tissue for gifts and dry cleaning, as well as crepe paper for decorating.

Tissue and crepe paper are two easy-to-come-by crafting materials, and their uses don't end with gift wrap or party streamers.

Tissue Wrapping Paper

Use these versatile papers to create pom-poms, paper flowers, party favors, accessories for kids, place cards, and more unique crafts. Dec 23,  · According to an August report from Sundale Research, people in the U.S. spent a total of $ billion on gift wrap, including wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags, in What a waste.

Tissue Paper doesn't have to just be used for gift giving either. In addition to dressing up your gifts, it is a must-have for arts & crafts projects.


Use it to adorn your photo albums and scrapbooks, make beautiful paper flowers, or to create colorful table covers for kids parties.

Wrapping Paper Giftwrap is that extra special touch that makes your customers feel appreciated.

Wrapping with Tissue Paper

In the busy world we live in, taking the time to offer a beautifully-wrapped gift to your customers can say a lot. Wholesale Packaging Suppliers of Gift Packaging, Gift Wrapping, Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper, Wrap Paper, Rolls, Coloured Rolls, Sheets of Paper, Tissue, Wrap, Net.

Tissue wrapping paper
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