Needle exchange programs

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Using Needle & Wool Felting to Help People With Dementia

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Needle-exchange programs, or NEPs, are community-based initiatives that allow intravenous (IV) drug users to exchange used syringes for clean, sterile ones in an effort to stem the spread of HIV.

The addiction services program at St. Michael's Hospital offers counselling, withdrawal management and detox services, emergency care and a variety of treatment options.

Do needle exchange programs enable drug use, increase crime or prevent HIV? Learn the myths and facts about programs that help people who inject drugs. Provo • Utah County commissioners are declaring their opposition to the establishment of any needle exchange program, citing fears of discarded needles and possible legal liability.

The Daily. The authors note that buying syringes over the counter is illegal without a prescription in 25 states and that in places where needle-exchange programs are legal, organizers cannot use federal funds.

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Massachusetts Syringe Exchange Programs. Programs are sorted alphabetically by service area. Go back to directory home. AHOPE Boston, MA | Boston Public Health Commision.

Boston Needle Exchange AHOPE Provincetown Needle Exchange Provincetown, MA | AIDS Support Group Cape Cod.

Needle exchange programs
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