Love in action

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Love In Action

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Love In Action

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Love in Action

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Fran goes above and beyond in the 30 hours a month she spends at B&R sorting, hanging, steaming and tagging clothes. Chris Kling - interventionist - arizona region. While based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Chris offers intervention services nationwide and was trained personally by Keith in the Love in Action.

Love In Action shows the homeless there is a God in Heaven who loves them and there are people who care about them.

When they experience that love, a spark of hope shines in their eyes, and that's the beginning of their new journey back to a productive life with Jesus Christ.

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Love In Action provides basic services to the community of Ketchikan, Alaska. Working through Christian volunteers. Love In Action International Ministries - Proclaiming The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Through Acts Of Compassion Since help Us Share The Gospel With Unreached.

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Love in action
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