Lemurs of madagascar

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Fauna of Madagascar

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Back from the brink: Lemurs of Madagascar

Please also make our Latest Liver and Trip Reports. The strip feeds on dissertation and leaves in the essay of the rainforests of artificial Madagascar. And what could you then do from thousands of miles away?. The Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group protects the rich biodiversity of eastern Madagascar through conservation, research, education, and capacity building.

Madagascar is the world’s highest priority for primate conservation. It is one of the best examples of the uniqueness of island evolution, with primate species that occur nowhere else on Earth (see Island Biogeography).

Lemurs are the most attractive and best-known of Madagascar’s wildlife.

List of lemur species

Two new species of lemur were discovered in the late s, evidence of how little is yet known. For advance purchases call ($3 service charge). Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre. Discover how thrilling films can be on our giant dome screen with a state-of-the-art sound system delivering 13, watts of wrap-around sound from 44 speakers.

The best time to see lemurs in Madagascar is NOW. Your visit as an ecotourist can play an important role in lemur conservation - before it's too late. ABOUT THE SHOW.

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The Butterfly Show "The Butterflies of Madagascar" (March 24 - June 17) celebrates the exotic biomes of this unique African country. Madagascar is world-famous for its lemurs—primates that look something like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog.

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These animals are unique to the island and display a range of interesting behaviors from singing like a whale (the indri) to sashaying across the sand like a ballet dancer (the sifaka).

Lemurs of madagascar
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