Defining cultural landscape using five terms

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Cultural landscape

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About Cultural Landscapes

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The modern term "culture" is based on a term used by the Ancient Roman orator Cicero in his Tusculanae Disputationes, where he wrote of a cultivation of the soul or "cultura animi," (–), where sociologists such as Alfred Weber used the term Kultursoziologie (cultural sociology). About Cultural Landscapes.

About Cultural Landscapes. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Cultural landscapes are landscapes that have been affected, influenced, or shaped by human involvement. A cultural landscape can be associated with a person or event. It can be thousands of acres or a tiny homestead.

What is a Cultural Landscape?

Cultural landscape is the true definition of all of the terms to be defined in this paper. The definition of a term is not supposed to contain the same word being defined; however in this case, all five terms can be summed under the main definition of cultural landscape.

About Cultural Landscapes. Main Plaza. Cultural landscapes are landscapes that have been affected, influenced, or shaped by human involvement. A cultural landscape can be associated with a person or event.

It can be thousands of acres or a tiny homestead. It can be a grand estate, industrial site, park, garden, cemetery, campus, and more. A "cultural landscape" is a landscape that holds a cultural or historical past.

It could be that a historical person lived in that area, or there was a historical event, an activity. But, would the Rio de Janeiro statue be a good example of a cultural landscape? The Archaeological Landscape of the First Coffee Plantations in the South-East of Cuba, near Santiago, Cuba, is an example of this type of cultural landscape.

The second type of cultural landscape is an organically evolved landscape.

Defining cultural landscape using five terms
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