An overview of a physical design

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From ASICs to SOCs: A Practical Approach by Faranak Nekoogar, Farzad Nekoogar

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You will do a bunch of stuff here, like floorplanning, placement, CTS, routing, timing closure, physical. The design of an effective physical protection system (PPS) includes the determination of the PPS objectives, the initial design of a PPS, the evaluation of the design, and probably, the redesign or refinement of the system.

International audiencePhysical Design for 3D Integrated Circuits reveals how to effectively and optimally design 3D integrated circuits (ICs).

Database design

It also analyzes the design tools for 3D circuits while exploiting the benefits of 3D book begins by offering an overview of physical design. VMware Infrastructure architecture Overview • Virtual Infrastructure Web Access – A Web interface for virtual physical storage resources can come from the local SCSI disks of the server, the Fiber Channel SAN disk arrays, the iSCSI SAN disk arrays, or Network Attached Storage (NAS) arrays.

The design of the LTE physical layer (PHY) is heavily influenced by requirements for high peak transmission rate ( Mbps DL/50 Mbps UL), spectral efficiency, and multiple channel bandwidths ( MHz). To fulfill these requirements, orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) was selected as the basis for the PHY layer.

Course Overview: The course is designed and will be delivered by experts in physical design, as per the industry requirements. Importance is given to cover the concepts, methodology with good emphasis on hands-on training, using Industry Standard tools with at least 60 % time allocated to lab sessions with quality project at the end of the course.

An overview of a physical design
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Overview of Logical Design